Spiritual Culture – Krishna’s Divine System


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Autor: Devaki Devi Dasi ( devaki@pamho.net )
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Spiritual Culture – Krishna’s Divine System is a well-thought, thoroughly researched, and deeply realized presentation on the topic of culture. Mother Devaki skillfully entwined Srila Prabhupada’s instructions with her personal experiences, realizations and mature understandings, bringing our Vaishnava philosophy to practical life and it’s application. She has distilled various highly relevant subjects into easily understandable principles that can be applied, with individual discrimination, by anyone no matter where we might be living in this world.
Mother Devaki is taking her readers for an internal journey to inspire us to re-think old concepts, which will certainly lead to new discoveries. This book is meant to shake us up and put into question today’s norms and modern worldviews, however unpalatable it may be to our false egos. Spiritual Culture gives us a glimpse into the sweetness and beauty which is hidden behind the regulative cultural norms and etiquettes found in all authentic
spiritual traditions maintained throughout the world. We come to realize just how perfect and divine Krishna’s system is – meant to provide stability and harmony to civilized humanity, so we can re-establish our lost and forgotten relationship with Him. Contrary to the paradigm of sense gratification so widely glorified and propagated in this age, the points made in this book paint a stark, yet encouraging contrast to our current unsustainable counter-culture. For those who are eager to awaken to the beautiful and shining day of the joyful spiritualist, Spiritual Culture is an essential read. It inspires internal transformation – something we naturally strive for in order to cultivate pure bhakti.


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